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Assuta Hadassah HMC Ichilov (Sourasky) Rambam Sheba

Israeli Hospitals Ltd. is a referral service which cooperates with Israel's best governmental and private medical institutions in order provide the patient with the optimal medical solution Israel's healthcare system has to offer.

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Who we are?

We work transparently and openly, referring patients to medical facilities in Israel that suit their needs. All payments are made directly to the hospital, which means that we are not interested in promoting any particular clinic - the patient's health and well-being is our priority.

Israeli Hospitals Ltd has been operating on the Israeli market since 2009. The company has offices in Tel Aviv and Haifa. Our team consists of several dozen people: doctors and nurses. All our employees have medical education. As of 2018, more than 30,000 satisfied patients have used our services.

Our Mission:

Israeli Hospitals Ltd. represents the interests of the patients, educating and informing them on the treatment options available to them in the Israeli healthcare marketplace.

There are about 70 multidisciplinary clinics and medical centers in Israel, owned by the state or private organizations. However, none of them are the absolute leaders in all branches of medicine. We constantly collect and update information about each medical center to provide patients with accurate information and the best quality services.

Assistance provided by IHA includes:

Finding the best treatment options
Educating the patient about various clinics and their strongest points
Helping to choose the best specialist to deal with the patient's particular medical problem
Determining the preliminary cost of examination and treatment in accordance with the patient's budget

The Largest Clinics, Hospitals and Medical Centers of Israel:

Rambam Healthcare Campus

Founded in 1938, Rambam Healthcare Campus is the largest multidisciplinary treatment and diagnostic center in the northern region of Israel. The Rambam Clinic is a state-run medical institution that accommodates 36 inpatient departments capable of accommodating 1000 patients, 45 medical and diagnostic units, ten institutes, six laboratories and 30 administrative and economic units. About 75,000 patients receive inpatient treatment there annually, and more than 500,000 patients receive outpatient treatment from specialists from various departments and clinics.

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Assuta Medical Center

The first Assuta clinic was founded in 1934 in Tel Aviv. Today, the Assuta Medical Center consists of four private hospitals in Israel, five radiography divisions, cardiology centers, dialysis units, IVF centers, cancer centers, women's health centers, gastroenterology units, specialized clinics, and more. As Israel's largest and most advanced privately owned medical center, Assuta offers effective treatment to its all patients using high-quality equipment and technologies.

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Sheba Medical Center

The Chaim Sheba Medical Center is one of the largest medical institutions in Israel and the whole of the Middle East. This medical center is located near Tel Aviv and comprises of 150 branches and clinics. Founded in 1948, the Sheba Medical Center is internationally recognized for the quality of services provided, as well as for its research and training work.

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Sourasky Medical Center

Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) is one of the largest providers of medical services in Tel Aviv and its suburbs. The 150,000-square-metre complex operates several clinics, including the Ichilov Hospital, the Ida Sourasky Rehabilitation Centre, the Lis Maternity and Women's Hospital, and the Dana-Dwek Children's Hospital. The medical center employs 1,132 medical professionals, including 657 doctors, as well as 1,700 nurses and nursing staff.

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Hadassah Medical Center

Hadassah Medical Center is a large medical center that has extensive experience in all areas of contemporary medicine. Every year, Hadassah Medical Center cooperates with hundreds of medical specialists in various educational and preparatory programs. The hospital receives thousands of foreign patients who need high quality medical care and treatment.

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Herzliya Medical Center

Herzliya Medical Center is a private hospital providing world-class medical services thanks to its use of advanced technologies and the latest achievements in medical science. Herzliya can admit about 100 patients for inpatient treatment and offer single or double room accommodation. The hospital's team of about 500 highly qualified physicians is supported by 350 nurses and other nursing staff. On average, about 10,000 surgeries are performed in the clinic annually, including about 400 open heart surgeries.

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Over 50,000 patients received medical treatment with IHA. Where are they coming from?

Compare hospitals:

Rambam Healthcare Campus

Recommended for treatment of emergency medical conditions, robot-assisted children and adult surgery, cancer treatment, urological and gynecological diseases, and Parkinson's disease. It is suitable for patients planning to combine treatment in Israel with recreation.

Not particularly recommended for patients with visual and neurological problems.

Assuta Medical Center

Recommended for orthopedic and neurosurgical operations, robot-assisted surgery, IVF procedures (no limit to the age of the patient), cancer treatment, gynecological and urological diseases, vision pathologies, gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system treatment.

Not recommended for surgical treatment of children, as well as patients with hematological diseases requiring bone marrow transplantation.

Sheba Medical Center

Recommended for treating all hematological and haemato-oncological diseases in children and adults, including those requiring bone marrow transplantation, various emergency medical conditions, cancer of any type, heart defects in adults, children and newborns, as well as non-specific, rare and undiagnosed pathologies.

Less recommended for treating ophthalmological diseases.

Sourasky Medical Center

Recommended for cancer and gynecological conditions treatment, neurosurgical operations.

Less suitable for treatment of neurological and urological diseases, ophthalmology. There isn't an option to choose your physician.

Hadassah Medical Center

Recommended for all hematological, haemato-oncological and genetic diseases in children and adults, including those requiring bone marrow transplantation, various emergency medical conditions, cancer of any type, including ophthalmic oncology, heart defects in adults, children and newborns, nonspecific, rare and undiagnosed pathologies, and dental care.

Less recommended for treating children with neurosurgical pathologies requiring repeated surgical intervention.

Herzliya Medical Center

Recommended for orthopedic surgery, robot-assisted surgery, IVF procedures, cancer treatment, gynecological and urological diseases, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Not recommended for treating children.

IHA's team:

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Head of Finance

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Head of Marketing