Who we are

We work transparently and openly, referring patients to medical facilities in Israel that suit their needs. All payments are made directly to the hospital, which means that we are not interested in promoting any particular clinic - the patient's health and well-being is our priority.

Israeli Hospitals Ltd has been operating on the Israeli market since 2009. As of 2024, more than 30,000 satisfied patients have used our services.

Our Mission:

Israeli Hospitals Ltd. represents the interests of the patients, educating and informing them on the treatment options available to them in the Israeli healthcare marketplace.

There are about 70 multidisciplinary clinics and medical centers in Israel, owned by the state or private organizations. However, none of them are the absolute leaders in all branches of medicine. We constantly collect and update information about each medical center to provide patients with accurate information and the best quality services.

Partnership certificates:

Below are several partnership certificates from our network, showcasing our collaboration with Israel's leading hospitals: Sheba hospital, Hadassah hospital, Rambam hospital, Assuta hospital, Herzliya medical center.

The company uses two business names: Israeli Hospitals Ltd. and Mash Medical Ltd.
Company ID: 514345826.

The company is registered in the Israeli governmental medical travel agents directory.




IHA's management team:

Tanya Preminger

Tanya Preminger


Doctor Michael Ass

Michael As

Senior Dr. Consultant

Emi Aziel

Emi Aziel

Head of Finance

Marina Scripnic

Mary Scripnic

Head of Marketing