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As of May 2023, Sheba's hospital CAR-T programs, initiated in 2016, have treated a total of 258 patients, becoming the largest CAR-T center in Europe. The treatments encompassed 189 adult and 69 pediatric patients. Among them, 189 were diagnosed with lymphatic malignancies, 32 had Multiple Myeloma, and 6 were identified with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).

CAR-T in Israel - patients testimonials:

CAR-T patient testimonial:

CAR-T patient testimonial:

Doctor Abraham Avigdor, director of Sheba's Hematology department in an interview for Israeli TV. (Hebrew with English captions)

TV program. Hebrew with English subtitles. CAR-T therapy - new treatment for blood cancers and Lymphoma.

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