The cost of CAR-T cell therapy varies across different countries. In the United States, prices range from $373,000 to $475,000 per treatment. In Europe, the cost is lower, with estimates ranging from €300,000 to €400,000. China has also emerged as a major player in CAR-T cell therapy, with costs ranging from $70,000 to $150,000. In Australia, the cost ranges from AUD$500,000 to AUD$750,000.

Israel offers a cost-effective alternative with Academic in-house CAR-T therapies, priced at $80,000 to $150,000 USD.

The cost of CAR-T cell therapy is influenced by factors such as healthcare systems, pricing regulations, and currency exchange rates. It's important to note that these costs are for the therapy alone and do not include additional expenses such as hospitalization, pre- and post-treatment care, and potential complications, which can significantly impact the overall cost of treatment.



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