Partnership Offer

Israeli Hospitals Ltd. Is seeking partners who are interested in mutual profitable cooperation.

  • Offer your clients the best therapies modern day medicine can provide
  • Earn commission for each patient
  • The offer is open for companies and individuals

5 easy steps for partners

  1. Sign a partnership agreement with IHA
  2. Send us contact details of a prospective patients
  3. The patient received treatment offer and choses from the hospitals which best suit his condition
  4. The patient arrives to Israel and receives top quality medical care.
  5. Partner receives commission

partnership offer

Advantages for patients

  • Opportunity to take advantage of cutting-edge medicine and most advanced treatments available today.
  • Make an informative decision about the treatment plan, considering all aspects.
  • Direct payment to the hospital, in accordance with official prices by Israel's ministry of health.
  • The patient pays the exact same amount he would've paid if he walked directly into the hospital.
  • Free 24/7 support by personal case manager.
  • Accommodation and touristic services upon request.
  • Insurance by major insurance companies accepted.
  • Full accordance with the new Israeli medical tourism law.

Partial list of the hospital we cooperate with:

Medical fields

Oncology and hematology - Use of the most advanced treatment protocols published today and newest medications. Some of Israel's hospitals rank 10 in the world.

General, orthopedic and gynecological surgeries – Surgeries performed by most experienced surgeons, trained in Israel, Europe and the US.

Neurology- revolutionary noninvasive therapies for Parkinson's disease and essential tremor.

Advanced oncology – clinical trials treatments.

Sample prices for selected treatments

Service Sheba Medical Center Rambam Healthcare Campus Assuta Medical Center Herzliya Medical Center Sourasky Medical Center
1st consultation by a doctor/professor $420/420 $400/400 $650/900 $500-1200 $200-500
Follow up consultation $240 $250 $450/650 $400-900 $200-500
Ultrasound scan $220 $250 $250 $440 $280
MRI $980 $730 $1300 $1400 $810-1400
CT $280 $250 $330 $680 $350
PET-CT $1900 $1550 $1550 $1950 $1990
1 day of hospitalization $1750 $1590 $800 $1000 $1730

Israeli Hospitals Ltd. - Company information

Company name: Israeli Hospitals / Mash Medical Ltd. ID 51423237233

IHA's management team:

Tanya Preminger

Tanya Preminger


Lana Rubin

Lana Rubin

Senior Dr. Consultant

Emi Aziel

Emi Aziel

Head of Finance

Marina Scripnic

Mary Scripnic

Head of Marketing

Contact details

Address: HaNechoshet Street 4, Building B, 6th floor, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971068 +972-54-5750331

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