Sheba Medical Center, based in Israel, is recognized for its advanced treatment of metastatic melanoma through TIL (Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes) Immunotherapy. This specialized treatment is particularly beneficial for patients who have not responded well to traditional cancer therapies. The success rate of TIL therapy at Sheba Medical Center is noteworthy, with about half of the treated patients showing positive improvements and a significant proportion being effectively cured of their melanoma.

TIL Therapy

  • 18 years of clinical experience in metastatic melanoma
  • 2nd largest center in the world for treatment of metastatic melanoma
  • 200+ treated Melanoma patients
  • Salvage therapy for patient refractory to standard treatments
  • Large collection of patient samples (TIL, tumor cells, paraffin blocks, serum, PBMC, clinical data)
  • TIL therapy can induce durable effect in metastatic melanoma
  • Patients may be disease free after a single treatment
  • Responding patients can achieve cure

Duration and Stages of TIL Melanoma Treatment at Sheba Medical Center

  1. Testing Phase (2-3 weeks): The treatment journey begins with a comprehensive evaluation to determine the patient’s condition and the most suitable site for metastasis extraction. This phase includes a variety of tests essential for customizing the TIL therapy to the patient’s specific needs, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment for metastatic melanoma.
  2. Surgical Procedure (Varies): If a suitable metastasis is identified, a surgical procedure is performed to remove it. The complexity and duration of the surgery can vary significantly depending on the location of the metastasis, such as the skin, lungs, or bones. The procedure can range from a minor operation under local anesthesia to a more complex surgery requiring general anesthesia. This step is vital for obtaining the necessary cells for the next phase of treatment.
  3. Lymphocyte Cultivation (2-5 weeks): After surgery, the extracted lymphocytes are cultured in Sheba’s advanced laboratory to proliferate to around 5 billion cells. Patients do not need to stay in the hospital during this period and can return home or to their home country, providing flexibility during this part of the treatment.
  4. Hospitalization and Preparation (2-3 weeks): Upon returning to Sheba, patients undergo a preparatory regimen that includes light chemotherapy to enhance the efficacy of the TIL infusion. After the infusion, patients are hospitalized to monitor and manage any side effects, ensuring they receive optimal care and supervision.

Dr. Guy Ben-Betzalel leads the TIL melanoma treatment program at Sheba Medical Center, ensuring patients receive expert care throughout their treatment journey.

Dr. Guy Ben-Betzalel, head of Sheba TIL melanoma program with Tanya from Israeli Hospitals.

How to Check if TIL Treatment is Suitable for You

To determine if TIL therapy is appropriate for you, please send us the following documents:

  1. A medical summary in English from your treating oncologist, in chronological order, with a date from the last month.
  2. The report of your most recent brain MRI in English.
  3. The report of your most recent PET scan in English.

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